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Tuesday, July 6


P001 ADAMEK Jakub Synthesis of N-protected 1-aminoalkylphosphonium salts – a new look
P002 BROL Anna Carbenium ions with α-phosphonic group – do they exist?
P003 CYBULSKA Pola Catalysts prepared from metal hyperaccumulating plants and their application in phosphorus chemistry
P004 GBUBELE Joseph Asymmetric synthesis of organophosphorus compounds via nucleophilic addition of chiral H-P reagents derived from chiral alcohols
P005 KEGLEVICH György Microwave-assisted esterification of phosphonic acids
P006 KARAMAEVA Tatiana Phosphine-Catalyzed Reactions of α-Methylene Lactones
P007 TANG Guo, ZHAO Yufen Direct Catalytic Synthesis of Triaryl Phosphites from White Phosphorus
P008 TANG Guo, ZHAO Yufen Remote C(sp3)−H Phosphorothiolation of N-Alkoxypyridinium Salts to δ-Phosphorothioated Alcohols
P009 TANG Guo, ZHAO Yufen Remote C(sp3)−H Phosphorothiolation of Sulfonamides and Carboxamides
P010 TANG Guo, ZHAO Yufen Synthesis of Phosphorotrithioates from White Phosphorus
P011 TANG Guo, ZHAO Yufen Visible-Light-Induced Synthesis of ortho-Phosphorylated Benzamides 
P012 ROMANOV Semyon New complexes of gadolinium with carboxylate phosphabetaines
P013 YING Jianxi Exploring chiral selection of amino acid on the prebiotic Earth
P014 MOISEEVA Aleksandra Novel Phosphonate and Bisphosphonate Derivatives of Daunorubicin
P015 CSILLA Sepsey Für The synthesis of hydroxymethylenebisphosphonic and acyl-ethoxycarbonylmethylphosphonate derivatives
P016 BAULINA Tat’yana Tripodal Phosphine Oxide Ligands with Triazole and Tetrazole Functionality: Synthesis and Properties
P017 LOPEZ Adrian Multicomponent Synthesis of Tetrasubstituted α-Aminophosphonates and Their Evaluation as Antiproliferative Agents
P018 ZHANG Tianqing Synthesis of a stable phosphine-stabilized phosphenium complex based on the sterically demanding ferrocenyl frameworks
P019 ZALALTDINOVA Alena Vladimirovna New intramolecular cyclization of 2H-benzo [e] -1,2-oxaphosphorinine derivatives – a way to the synthesis of previously unknown cage phosphonates
P020 BÁLINT Erika Synthesis of chromenyl phosphonate derivatives by multicomponent reactions
P021 POPOVICS-TÓTH Nóra Biginelli reaction of β-ketophosphonates, aromatic or aliphatic aldehydes and urea derivatives
P022 RÁVAI Bettina Synthesis of isoindolinone phosphonates and their related derivatives by multicomponent reaction
P023 SHIBAEVA Karina Kinetics of Addition of Tertiary Phosphines to Electron-Deficient Alkenes in Mixed Binary Solvents
P024 NIZAMOV Ilyas S. Chiral Salts of Dithiophosphoric Acids on the Basis of Organic Nitrogen Compounds
P025 WU Yile Synthesis of Bridging Phosphate-catecholate Ligands Supported Metal Complexes from Oxyphosphoranes
P026 NIKANSHINA Elizaveta Electrocatalytic phosphorylation of nitrogen-containing heterocycle
P027 VARGA Petra Regina Synthesis of novel α-hydroxyphosphonates along with α- and β-aminophosphonates as intermediates
P028 HARSÁGI Nikoletta Hydrolysis and alcoholysis of phosphinates and phosphonates
P029 KALISCH Tim Novel cycloaddition pathways of a 1,3-thiazole-2-thione-based 1,4-diphosphinine
P030 ALCARAZ Antonio Garcia On the planarity of N-centers in the PPN-ring: the case of azadiphosphiridine complexes
P031 TERSCHÜREN Tatjana Broadening the scope of [4+2]-cycloadditions of 1,4-diphosphinines and P-bridged bis(NHC) adducts
P032 BISKUP David Phosphorus, a metal copy? 1,2-Addition of primary amines to isonitrile-to-phosphinidene complex adducts
P033 HUSZÁR Bianka Microwave-assited P–C coupling reactions without directly added P-ligands
P034 YOTOVA Irina R. 1,2-Alkadienephosphonates in Pauson-Khand Reaction
P035 BONDARENKO Natalia New Method for the Syntheses of 2-Aminoethylphosphine Oxides under the Phase Transfer Conditions Using Cesium Carbonate
P036 GLEIM Florian P-Oxidation of 1,2σ3λ3-oxaphosphetanes, an experimental and theoretical study
P038 ROESLER Fabian Asymmetrically substituted Phospholes as tunable fluorophores for imprint lithography
P039 RAM K. R Mridhul Tricyclic 1,4-heteroatom-phosphinines – small molecule activators?
P040 VARGA Bence Resolution and stereospecific transformations of P-stereogenic secondary phosphine oxides and H-phosphinates
P041 GAYNEEV Aidar Synthesis and biological activity of phosphorylated betaines
P042 FIRSIN Ilya Chiral P*,S-bidentate diamidophosphites with 1,2-thioether alcohol based exocyclic substituents in asymmetric Pd-catalyzed reactions
P043 VERESHCHAGINA Yana DFT study of the mechanism of formation of N-alkyl-N-[2-(diphenyl-phosphoryl)ethyl]amides of diphenylphosphorylacetic acid
P044 BAGI Péter Application of P-stereogenic chiral Brønsted acids as chiral NMR shift reagents or organocatalysts
P045 JASTRZĘBSKA Katarzyna P-stereodefined phosphorothioate oligonucleotide chimeras containing DNA and RNA or 2’-OMe-RNA units
P046 HE Hongwu Synthesis and Herbicidal Activity of Dimethyl α-(Substituted Phenoxyacetyl)alkylphosphine Oxide
P047 ZHOU Yuan, WANG Wei Synthesis and herbicidal activity of α-[(substituted phenoxybutyryloxy)](2-furyl)phosphonates
P048 XU Maotong Frustrated Lewis pair (FLP) behavior of alkali metal phosphides in small molecule activation
P049 DUAN Zheng Developing the Chemistry of Electrophilic Phosphinidenes
P050 BANACH Łukasz Microwave-assisted synthesis of dialkyl 1-haloalkylphosphonates
P051 TARASOV Maxim Electroreductive phosphorylation of acetylenes
P052 DOLGOVA Yana Synthesis of novel phosphabetaines and nitrates based on their phosphonium salts


Wednesday, July 7


P053 FERAO A. Espinosa P-Adducts of phosphinidene complexes. What can we learn?
P054 TRIGULOVA Kamila Copper(II) complexes based on diethyl(pyridin-2-yl)phosphine oxide and their biological activity
P055 DAYANOVA Irina Synthesis and photophysical properties of Pt(II) complexes based on 1,5-diaza-3,7-diphosphacyclooctanes
P056 KLAREK Mateusz Functionalization and transformations of β- imino- and β-aminophosphonates
P057 KERMANSHAHIAN Shahriar En route to a novel TTF-fused 1,4-diphosphinine
P058 MAŚLANKA Marta Phosphorus Derivatives of Catechol and Ebselen as an Innovative Approach to Urease Inhibitors
P059 ŻYSZKA Beata Effect of different colours of light on phosphorus profiles, nutrients and pigments in radish sprouts
P060 KAFKA Anna Effect of triazole and strobilurin fungicides on phosphorus compounds in cucumber sprouts
P061 WIECZOREK Dorota Phosphonate compounds as the unique components of plant seeds
P062 KLIMSIAK Katarzyna Bromophosphinoboranes: synthesis and structure
P063 ALEKSANYAN Diana V Effect of Ancillary Donor Groups on the Cytotoxic Activity of Pd(II) Complexes Derived from Functionalized (Thio)phosphorylalkylamides
P064 CHURUSOVA Svetlana G. Mono- and Dinucleating Ligands Based on (Thio)phosphorylated Oxamide and Monothiooxamide Derivatives
P065 ZAGIDULLIN Almaz A. Recent Developments in Chemistry of Phosphacyclopentadienide Derivatives
P066 TRABITSCH Karolina Reactivity Studies of an Anionic Cyclotriphosphido Cobalt Complex
P067 CAMMARATA Jose Simple and Practical Functionalisation of P4 Mediated by Bu3SnH
P068 ZANIN Alexey A. New Approaches to the Synthesis of Modified Red Phosphorus Under the High-Energy Radiation
P069 GANUSHEVICH Yulia S. Stabilisation Versus Internal Rearrangements of Triplet Arylphosphinidenes
P070 XU Pengxiang Pd-catalyzed denitrogenative phosphonylation of benzotriazoles
P071 BREHM Philipp Generation of novel transient phosphanoxyl complexes from heterophospholane complexes
P072 LAMOLA Jairus Designing biaryl phosphacyclic ligands: Their characterization and evaluation in palladium-catalyzed Suzuki-Miyaura of aryl bromides and chlorides
P073 RUDDY Joseph Organocatalytic Asymmetric Synthesis of α-Aminophosphinates
P074 SZWACZKO Katarzyna Metal free synthesis of 3-phosphorylated coumarins via amine catalyzed P-C bond formation
P075 VOLK Niklas Synthesis and reactivity of the first unligated oxaphosphirane
P076 KUZNETSOVA Anastasiia Dipole moments and conformational analysis of N,N-dialkylamides of diphenylphosphorylacetic acids
P077 KRYSCHENKO Yury K. Kamai Reaction: Common Features with Appel and Atherton–Todd Reactions and Reaction Initiation Stage
P078 DEY Subhayan Mesityl Substituted 1,1′-Bisphosphanoferrocenes: Syntheses, Complexation and Catalysis
P079 SZYNKIEWICZ Natalia Diphosphinoboranes: P-B-P bond systems for the activation of H2, CO2, and PhNCO
P080 ROGACZ Diana Synthesis and ecotoxicological assessment of new derivatives  of N-phosphonomethylglycine
P081 SZOLNOKI Csenge Tamara Mechanochemical synthesis of water-soluble half-sandwich Ru(II)-phosphaurotropines
P082 UDVARDY Antal Ag(CF3SO3)-based coordination polymers of 1,3,5-triaza-7-phosphaadamantane (PTA) or its P-substituted derivatives
P083 BOCZ Katalin Bordácsné Phosphorus-treated microfibrous cyclodextrin boosts flame retardancy of poly(lactic acid)
P084 KÁLAI Tamás Syntheses and utilizations of pyrroline-nitroxide-  and tetrahydropyridine-nitroxide-based phosphonates,
 α-ketophosphonates, β-ketophosphonates, and a bisphosphonate
P085 KOLODIAZHNYI Oleg I. Asymmetric Electrophilic Reactions in Phosphorus Chemistry
P086 KOLODIAZHNYI Oleg I. Generation of tert-Butyl-λ5-phosphane-dione and Its Chemical Properties
P087 KOLODIAZHNYI Oleg I. Synthesis of chiral phosphonobenzaldehydes and phosphonotyrosine
P088 ALJAMAL Amer Development of a Fully Waterborne Flame Retardant Coating Based on Bioepoxy Resin
P089 BOGUŃ Maciej Carbon/polysaccharide composite for medical applications
P090 KISS Nóra Zsuzsa Ionic liquid-promoted synthesis of phosphinates
P091 KALCHENKO Vitaly Silica Gels Grafting with (Thia)calixarene phosphonates or phosphinates. Europium (III) Sorption
P092 KALCHENKO Vitaly Thiacalix[4]arene bis-phosphoric acids. Synthesis, Structure, and Glutathione S-transferase Inhibition
P093 KUDZIN Marcin Cellulose surface phosphorylation by means of PCl3 and P(O)Cl3
P094 KUDZIN Marcin Stability of cellulose phosphates in alkalic solutions
P095 KUDZIN Marcin Chitosan surface phosphorylation by means of PCl3
P096 GOSTYŃSKI Bartłomiej In silico analysis of selected irreversible inhibitors of acetylcholinesterase
P097 PONIKIEWSKI Łukasz Synthesis of stable compounds with C=P-P bond system
P098 ZIÓŁKOWSKA Aleksandra An investigation of the influence of selected reagents on compounds containing the C=P-P moiety
P099 ŚMIAŁKOWSKI Krzysztof Unusual chirality of metallacarboranes containing phosphorothioate bridging moiety
P100 TRZEPIZUR Damian Temperature-controlled selective esterification of phosphonic acids utilizing triethyl orthoacetate
P101 ISBERA Mostafa Syntheses and study of a pyrroline nitroxide condensed phospholene oxide and a pyrroline nitroxide attached diphenylphosphine


Thursday, July 8


P102 KAMAGUROV Semen Novel fluorescent-tagged polymeric and bisphosphonate antiscalants for gypsum crystallization visualization
P103 GOŁĘBIEWSKA Justyna Second generation of nucleotide analogues
P104 RAPP Magdalena Highly Diastereoselective Construction of Carbon− Heteroatom Quaternary Stereogenic Centers in the Synthesis of Analogs of Bioactive Compounds: From Monofluorinated Epoxyalkylphosphonates to α-Fluoro- β- or γ-Amino Alcohol Derivatives of Alkylphosphonates
P105 VANNI Matteo Functionalization of Black Phosphorus with Pd‒Pd units
P106 REY Alicia 1,3-Zwitterionic dipoles as new FLP components
P107 SOWA Sylwia Reactivity of triflanes derived from benzophospholan-3-ones towards Grignard reagents
P108 ŻARSKA Sandra Selenophosphorus derivatives of carbon nanotubes: synthesis, structural studies and attempts to use in lithium ion-batteries
P109 KOLOMEYCHUK Filipp Dual reactivity of phosphorus(V) phthalocyanine complexes towards basic compounds
P110 TEREKHOVA Nataliia V. Synthesis and biological activity of 2-hydroxybenzyl phosphonium salts
P111 KNOPIK Łucja Extension of the Wiemer’s reaction for the synthesis of diarylmethylphosphonates from diarylmethanols as substrates for the novel phospho-Friedel-Crafts-Bradsher cyclization reaction
P112 KOPROWSKI Marek Temperature-controlled synthesis of diarylmethanol isomers as substrates in the phospho-Friedel-Crafts-Bradsher reaction
P113 BŁASZCZYK Jarosław The synthons containing sulfur and stereogenic phosphorus as heteroatoms: on the way to crystal structure determination of supramolecular complexes of metalloorganic and organic compounds
P114 BUJNICKI Bogdan The progress on crystal structure determination of metalloorganic complexes and their organic synthons containing selenium and stereogenic phosphorus as heteroatoms
P115 MIELNICZAK Grażyna Catalyst and initiator in one molecule for the polymerization processes leading to biodegradable polyesters
P116 OWSIANIK Krzysztof Synthesis of Anthryl Phosphonium Salts as Potential Optoelectronic Materials
P117 KHALIL Montassar Surface modification of liposomes via a click reaction based on phosphorus chemistry
P118 KARPOWICZ Rafał Synthesis of tetramethyl (aminoaryl)methylene bisphosponates
P119 KRASOWSKA Dorota Ruthenium-based olefin metathesis catalysts containing organophosphorus substituents
P120 PEARCE Kyle The First Dianionic Diphosphaboracycle
P121 ALEKSANDROVA Anastasiia (Trimethylsilyl)dimethylphosphinite – convenient reagent for the introduction of pharmacophore dimethylphosphinoyl group
P122 SELIHOVA Anna Calixarene methylene-bis-phosphonic acids. Synthesis, Structure, Aminoacids Complexations
P123 MUNASINGHE Don Shenal Synthesis of rare P(V)-heterocycles from Alkyne-Phosphonites via One-Pot reaction with Imines or Aldehydes
P124 KAŹMIERCZAK Marcin Stereoselective Synthesis and Investigation of Mechanism of Trifluoromethylated Cyclopropylphosphonate
P125 CHEVIET Thomas Novel Synthetic Approach to Aminomethylene-gem-bisphosphonates Containing an Aziridine Motif: Studies of the Reaction Scope and Mechanism
P126 ROMERO Andrés Valorization of petroleum feedstocks by hydroformylation reactions
P127 MARTÍNEZ Alba Halogen bond-assembled Transition Metal-based Catalytic Systems: Synthesis, Characterization and Application in Catalysis
P128 NIKITIN Kirill Modern Shortcuts in Old Wittig Reaction
P129 GÖRLICH Tim A new synthetic pathway towards cyaphido complexes
P130 EUSAMIO Javier Rhodium complexes with methylene-bridged P-stereogenic diphosphines
P131 KASIMOV Airat Oxidation of triple-bridged helical binuclear copper(I) complexes based on P,N-ligands
P132 TOMASZEWSKA-ANTCZAK Agnieszka “Click” Synthesis of 1,2,3- Triazole Nucleoside Analogues
P133 RADZIKOWSKA-CIECIURA Ewa Mechanistic consideration on the DBU-associated oxathiaphospholane ring opening reaction in 3’-N-(2-thio-1,3,2-oxathiaphospholane) derivatives of 5’-O-DMT-3’-amino-2’,3’-dideoxy-ribonucleosides
P134 UCHIYAMA Yosuke Generation and Reactivities of Non-stabilized Phosphonium Ylides Containing a Phosphaboratatriptycene Skeleton
P135 FRANZ Roman P-P bond activation in phosphorus rich ferrocenophanes
P136 KOZÁČEK Pavel Polycyclic Cp-annelated 1,2,3-diazapnictoles
P137 NĚMEC Vlastimil Iminophosphines of the most sterically hindered anilines
P138 LIU Yan Separation and Detection of N-glycans in complex samples by Capillary Electrophoresis-Electrospray Ionization- Mass Spectrometry combining with the Assistance of Phosphrous Derivatization Reagent
P139 LAZOVSKIY Dmitriy Axially modified complexes of phosphorus(V) tetrapyrazinocorrolazines
P140 PEDERSEN Viktor Bliksted Roug Phosphorous Reagents in the Synthesis of Extended Tetrathiafulvalenes
P141 MLOSTOŃ Grzegorz First Laboratory Synthesis of Lepidiline C and the X-ray Structure of its Hexafluorophosphate Salt
P142 EILRICH Volker Lithium cyclotetraphosphanide as cyclo-(P4tBu3) synthon
P143 DINHOF Tamara Synthesis of (R)-OH-TMAEP and its labeled analogs as substrates for TmpB
P144 OROSZ Krisztina Synthesis of new [{IrCl(cod)}2(di-NHC)(Phosphine)] complexes and their catalytic application
P145 RZEWNICKA Aneta Synthesis of cyclopropylphosphinates, precursors of aminocyclopropanephosphinic acids
P146 KWIATKOWSKA Małgorzata Enzymatic Approach to the Synthesis of Enantiomerically Pure Hydroxy Derivatives of 1,3,5-Triaza-7-phosphaadamantane (PTA)
P147 PARUL Preliminary Studies on the Case of a New Passerini Reaction Variant: O-Phosphonative Passerini Reaction

Each poster is assigned into proper Room during Poster sessions (Room 1 – Room 50), according to the table (click here) the UPDATED TABLE – 05.07.201 (click here).