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Conference “Photo”

Dear Participants,Today (Friday 9), at the first break, we will make a “photo” of all Participants. Therefore, we kindly ask you to “start your video” during this break (Friday 9, 10:15 – 10-30). While taking a photo, we will temporarily disable your microphones, chat and hand interaction, to prevent moving participants view on the list.…
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How to use Breakout rooms

Our instruction how to use Breakout Rooms is based on the latest Zoom Client (ver. 5.7.1). We strongly suggest updating your Zoom Client before Conference. You can do that, by downloading the installation file from the Zoom website ( Download “Zoom Client for Meetings” to your computer. In the next step, just run downloaded installation…
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Poster sessions update!

Dear Participants, The Organizing Committee would like to announce an updated Poster sessions plan. On Monday (July 5) the session is organized as planned earlier. For the next days sessions, we will split posters into separate “Breakout Rooms”, each containing a single poster, as you can see in the attached table. Thus, on Tuesday (July…
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The rules during lectures

We would like to outline the rules during lectures: 1. During the lectures please MUTE your microphones and TURN OFF your camera. 2. If you want to ask question please click on the “RISE HAND” button at the bottom of the page. Only when Chairman asks you to present your question, unmute your microphone.

Suggestion for Chairmen and Lecturers

Dear Session’s Chairmen, We would like to suggest not discussing the lecturer’s CV when announcing his lecture. Our proposal is based on the fact that the CVs of 38 lecturers have been available for several months on the conference website, and 7 lecturers did not provide the organizer with their CVs.   When chairing your session…
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How to share presentation during lecture

Dear Lecturers, Below please find instruction how to share your presentation during sessions. Before Chairman will ask you to start your presentation, please have your presentation open on your computer. After Chairman asks you to start, click on “Share screen” button in Zoom Client (the lower part of the screen), and then choose “Screen” or…
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ICPC23 Poster sessions instruction update

The Organizing Committee expands possibility to discuss during Poster sessions. We will provide “Breakout Rooms” during Poster sessions. Zoom sessions for each ICPC23 Conference day will be extended by the duration of Poster sessions. When Poster session starts, we will turn on “Breakout Rooms” option. Each poster will be assigned into proper Room (Room 1…
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Zoom Client update/download instruction

The Organizing Committee strongly suggest updating your Zoom Client before Conference starts. You can do that, by downloading the installation file from the Zoom website ( Download “Zoom Client for Meetings” to your computer. In the next step, just run downloaded installation file. Zoom Client will be updated automatically. In case if you don’t have…
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Poster upload instruction has been sent!

Dear Poster Authors, We would like to inform, that an instruction of preparation and uploading posters to our website has been sent to each of you. Please find the message on the email account submitted during registration. If you do not receive the message, please contact us via email or


Dear Authors, In the second half of this week an e-mail instruction will be sent to Presenting Authors, it will include details how to upload posters to our website. We will accept posters as PDF files. For example, Authors are asked to save PPTX (power-point) file as PDF, directly from PowerPoint. It should be a…
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