Professor Katharina Pallitch

University of Vienna, Austria

ORCID: 0000-0003-2648-1044

Main research areas:
Bioorganic Chemistry:
– Biodegradation of phosphonic acid natural products
– Synthesis of entiomerically pure aminophosphonic acids and other small molecule enzyme inhibitor for metabolic studies and enzyme characterization
Medicinal Chemistry:
– Development of new low molecular PET-tracers

2009-2011 University of Vienna, Master’s program in chemistry (passed with distinction; average grade: 1.07)
2011 Master thesis: “On the Biodegradation of Fosfomycin and Phosphaisoserine”, supervisor: Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Friedrich Hammerschmidt
2011-2015 University of Vienna, PhD program in chemistry, PhD thesis: “Studies on the Biodegradation of P-C Compounds – Phosphonic Acids as Enzyme Inhibitors”, supervisor: Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Friedrich Hammerschmidt, (passed with distinction; average grade: 1.00)

Academic Career:
Sept 2015 – Dec. 2015 Medical University of Vienna: (post doc) Synthesis and development of new tracers for PET/SPECT imaging.
Since Jan. 2016 University of Vienna: project leader of the FWF (Austrian Science Fund) funded stand-alone project “The unusual enzymes of phosphonate metabolism”.
July – Aug. 2018 Queen’s University Belfast (Northern Ireland), group of John McGrath, scientific project work on the identification and characterization of novel phosphonate degrading enzymes.
Since March 2019 project leader of the FWF (Austrian Science Fund) funded stand-alone project “The synthesis of fluorinated rare sugars”.
Since June 2019 Member of the Senate of the University of Vienna
Since September 2020 University of Vienna: Senior Scientist and group leader, Institute of Organic Chemistry

Accomplishments and Prizes:
Nov. 2012 Ministry of Science (BMWF) Austria (for being among the best 10 students of the University of Vienna completing their studies in 2011)
Jan 2016 Dr. Maria Schaumayer Stiftungspreis for PhD thesis
March 2016 Bank Austria Forschungspreis for PhD thesis
Jan 2017 Karl Schlögl Preis ÖAW for PhD thesis
Jan 2018 Austrian representative at the Young Investigator Workshop 2018 (YIW 2018 Oxford, chosen by the Austrian Chemical Society)