Professor Frank H. Ebetino

University of Rochester, USA

Dr. Ebetino has been involved in medicinal chemistry research for over 35 years. He has maintained a strong research interest in bisphosphonate drug design, mechanism, and new therapeutics for bone related diseases. He received his PhD in Organic Chemistry at the University of Rochester in 1984. Hal spent over 25 years at Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals, and was part of the team that discovered and developed the drug Actonel® for osteoporosis. His research and publications span a variety of therapeutic areas including Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Obesity, Infectious Diseases, Gastrointestinal Disease, and Cancer. In 2010-2012, he led the Drug Discovery Department at Warner Chilcott as Director. He currently leads research as President and Chief Scientific Officer at a startup company, BioVinc, which is involved in the development of bone targeted diagnostics and therapeutic drug leads. Dr. Ebetino also continues research efforts with several academic collaborators. He has held adjunct academic roles at USC, Los Angeles and Queen’s University, Belfast; and continues associations with the University of Sheffield, the University of Oxford, and as Professor (Research) at the University of Rochester, NY.