Professor Piotr Bałczewski

CMMS PAS, Lodz, Poland; Jan Dlugosz University in Częstochowa, Poland

Personal website:

Short biography: Full Professor – 2008, organic chemistry; graduated at theTechnical University of Łódź and the CM&MS, PAS, Łódź; PhD studies at the Institute of Organic Chemistry, PAS, Warsaw and CM&MS, PAS, Łódź; Post-doctoral studies (2 years) with Prof. John Joule in heterocyclic chemistry (marine alkaloids synthesis) at the University of Manchester; scientific visits in Universities of Milan, Rome, Negev, Barcelona; Zentral Institut für Organische Chemie in Berlin (2x); National Research Center, Cairo; Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination LCC, CNRS, Toulouse; academic teacher and researcher, promoted many diploma, MSc and PhD theses; he currently leads two research groups at the CM&MS, PAS, Łódź (Functional Materials Synthesis Group) and at the Jan Długosz University of Częstochowa in Częstochowa (Structural and Material Chemistry Group and Research Centre for New Drug Formulations); I vice-president of the Polish Chemical Society (2018-2010, 2003-2001), he participat/ed/es in domestic and international scientific and editorial boards and journal owners boards (Chemistry Europe – European Chemical Societies Publishing journals, ABC, PCCP), honored with domestic and international distinctions among which the most important are: The Hanuš Medal (Brno, 2002) ( and The Chemistry Europe Fellow 2016/2017 (Liverpool – 2018) (;

Research interest: 1) organic/heteroorganic chemistry at the interface of materials, biology and medicine; 2) synthesis and its applications; 2) new methodologies and techniques in organic synthesis (ultrasounds, mechanochemistry, microwaves); 3) total synthesis of biomolecules (cyclopentanoids, alkaloids, lignanoids, chiral and achiral P, S, N – heteronium salts, new drug co-formulations); 4) organic material chemistry for optoelectronics (synthesis and their thermal and photophysical properties); 5) ecotoxicological and agricultural chemistry (new herbicides, bioluminescent bacteria in Microtox® test); 6) pharmaceutical chemistry (co-crystalline and co-amorphous solid forms of antihypertensive drugs with better bioavailability, new anti-COVID-19 formulations).

Recent publications:
1. Ultrasound supported Bradsher reaction in aqueous and nonaqueous media: first use of ultrasounds in electrophilic aromatic cyclisation leading to polyacenes
E. Kowalska, P. Bałczewski
Ultrasounds Sonochemistry, 34, 743-753, (2017).
IF = 7.279
2. Ultrasound-assisted synthesis of RO- and RS-substituted (hetero)acenes via oxo- and thio-Friedel-Crafts/Bradsher reactions. P.Bałczewski, E. Kowalska, J. Skalik, M. Koprowski, K.Owsianika, E. Różycka-Sokołowska
Ultrason. Sonochem., 2019, 58, 104640.
IF = 7.279
3. Mono-aryl/alkylthio-substituted (Hetero)acenes of Exceptional Thermal and Photochemical Stability via Thio-Friedel Crafts/Bradsher Cyclization Reaction
P.Bałczewski, E.Kowalska, E.Różycka-Sokołowska, J.Skalik, K.Owsianik, M. Koprowski, B.Marciniak, D.Guziejewski,W.Ciesielski
Chem. Eur. J. 2019, 25, 14148 – 14161
DOI: 10.1002/chem.201903027
IF = 5.160
4. Ecotoxicity of ammonium chlorophenoxyacetate derivatives towards aquatic organisms: Unexpected enhanced toxicity upon oxygen by sulfur replacement
M.Turek, B. Pawłowska, E. Różycka-Sokołowska, R. Biczak, Joanna Skalik, K. Owsianik, B. Marciniak, P. Bałczewski,
J.Haz.Mat. 2020, 382, 121086 (gold open access).
IF = 9.038
5. Modification of the Microtox® Basic Solid Phase Test: a New Application for the Ecotoxicological Studies on Poorly Soluble Antihypertensive Drugs
M.Turek, P.Bałczewski, E.Różycka-Sokołowska, K.Owsianik
J.Haz.Mat. 2020, 399, 122839 (gold open access)
IF = 9.038