How to use Breakout rooms

How to use Breakout rooms

Our instruction how to use Breakout Rooms is based on the latest Zoom Client (ver. 5.7.1). We strongly suggest updating your Zoom Client before Conference. You can do that, by downloading the installation file from the Zoom website ( Download “Zoom Client for Meetings” to your computer. In the next step, just run downloaded installation file. Zoom Client will be updated automatically. In case if you don’t have preinstalled Zoom Client, it will be installed on your computer.

How to join room?

Participant can choose the appropriate room number and join in by clicking: “Breakout Rooms” button, which will be visible during Poster sessions in the Zoom session on each Conference day.

e.g. Room 2

How to leave room?

To leave room, just click on “Leave room” button, and then choose “Leave Breakout Room”.

After that, Participant can join another room, according to instruction “How to join room?”.