Suggestion for Chairmen and Lecturers

Suggestion for Chairmen and Lecturers

Dear Session’s Chairmen,

We would like to suggest not discussing the lecturer’s CV when announcing his lecture. Our proposal is based on the fact that the CVs of 38 lecturers have been available for several months on the conference website, and 7 lecturers did not provide the organizer with their CVs.   When chairing your session please be aware that we also asked the lecturers to save  5 minutes of their  lecture for discussion.  We hope that our suggestion will be accepted.

Dear Lecturers,

We suggest that you save  5 minutes of your lecture for discussion. This means that a plenary lecture should last 40 minutes + 5 minutes for discussion, and an invitation lecture should have duration 25 + 5 minutes.

ICPC23 Organizing Committee