How to share presentation during lecture

How to share presentation during lecture

Dear Lecturers,

Below please find instruction how to share your presentation during sessions.

Before Chairman will ask you to start your presentation, please have your presentation open on your computer.

After Chairman asks you to start, click on “Share screen” button in Zoom Client (the lower part of the screen), and then choose “Screen” or proper application and click “Share” button.

Then present your lecture.

After your lecture, Chairman will ask Participants for questions or to discuss. When discussion ends, you can stop sharing your screen just by clicking on “Stop share” or you can ask Organizers to help you to stop sharing your screen.

Remember to unmute your microphone during lecture.

Our instruction how to use Share screen is based on the latest Zoom Client (ver. 5.7.1). We strongly suggest updating your Zoom Client before Conference. You can do that, by downloading the installation file from the Zoom website ( Download “Zoom Client for Meetings” to your computer. In the next step, just run the downloaded installation file. Zoom Client will be updated automatically. In case if you don’t have preinstalled Zoom Client, it will be installed on your computer.