ICPC23 Poster sessions instruction update

ICPC23 Poster sessions instruction update

The Organizing Committee expands possibility to discuss during Poster sessions. We will provide “Breakout Rooms” during Poster sessions.

Zoom sessions for each ICPC23 Conference day will be extended by the duration of Poster sessions. When Poster session starts, we will turn on “Breakout Rooms” option.

Each poster will be assigned into proper Room (Room 1 – Room 50), according to the table below.

Posters are available for viewing on Conference Website (link provided in email). “Breakout Rooms” will be used only for discussion.

Under the table we provide an instruction how to update Zoom Client and how to use Breakout Rooms.

Room 1P001, P002, P003
Room 2P004, P005, P006
Room 3P007, P008, P009, P010, P011
Room 4P012, P013, P014
Room 5P015, P016, P017
Room 6P018, P019, P020
Room 7P021, P022, P023
Room 8P024, P025, P026
Room 9P027, P028, P029
Room 10P030, P031, P032
Room 11P033, P034, P035
Room 12P036, P037, P038
Room 13P039, P040, P041
Room 14P042, P043, P044
Room 15P045, P046, P047
Room 16P048, P049, P050
Room 17P051, P052, P053
Room 18P054, P055, P056
Room 19P057, P058, P059
Room 20P060, P061, P062
Room 21P063, P064, P065
Room 22P066, P067, P068
Room 23P069, P070, P071
Room 24P072, P073, P074
Room 25P075, P076, P077
Room 26P078, P079, P080
Room 27P081, P082, P083
Room 28P084, P085, P086
Room 29P087, P088, P089
Room 30P090, P091, P092
Room 31P093, P094, P095
Room 32P096, P097, P098
Room 33P099, P100, P101
Room 34P102, P103, P104
Room 35P105, P106, P107
Room 36P108, P109, P110
Room 37P111, P112, P113
Room 38P114, P115, P116
Room 39P117, P118, P119
Room 40P120, P121, P122
Room 41P123, P124, P125
Room 42P126, P127, P128
Room 43P129, P130, P131
Room 44P132, P133, P134
Room 45P135, P136, P137
Room 46P138, P139, P140
Room 47P141, P142, P143
Room 48P144, P145, P146
Room 49P147
Room 50

Our instruction how to use Breakout Rooms is based on the latest Zoom Client (ver. 5.7.1). We strongly suggest updating your Zoom Client before Conference. You can do that, by downloading the installation file from the Zoom website (https://zoom.us/download). Download “Zoom Client for Meetings” to your computer. In the next step, just run downloaded installation file. Zoom Client will be updated automatically. In case if you don’t have preinstalled Zoom Client, it will be installed on your computer.

How to join room?

Participant can choose the appropriate room number and join in by clicking: “Breakout Rooms” button, which will be visible during Poster sessions in the Zoom session on each Conference day.

e.g. Room 2

How to leave room?

To leave room, just click on “Leave room” button, and then choose “Leave Breakout Room”.

After that, Participant can join another room, according to instruction “How to join room?”.